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3/3/11 10:59 am - Got a '97 Shadow Spirit, the bike looks awesome, but boy she's got issues.

I wanted to ride so badly... My old bike is parked with bad tires, stator shot, coolant and oil leaking everywhere. It was in pretty bad condition when I got it and I spent a lot of time, effort and money fixing it, but now everything is even worse. I put around 8000 miles on it in 2 years.

So I haven't been riding whole winter, and was desperate to ride again. So I found a newer '97 Spirit on craigslist. It looked awesome, I took it for a test ride - it was much better than my old bike.

So I thought I'm getting a good deal on it. The guy seemed cool and he said there was no leaks, which made me suspicious but I checked and didn't find any apparent signs... He said it's cold and I need to keep it on battery tender and it made me even more suspicious, but I asked about charging system, he said it works fine. I asked about stator, seemed like he didn't know what the thing is. On my older bike I had too many problems with charging system so I just thought I got paranoid and assumed everything should be fine on this one. I told the guy I'm taking it. I wanted to ride so badly...

Next day I had cash on me and the guy brought the bike to my place. I've noticed a bit of oil where the camshaft plugs are. Awesome. It means $1000 repair is inevitable. I replaced them myself on my older bike but it's not something I want to do again... I don't even have a garage.

I negotiated a lower price and took the bike. I got insurance, license plate for it and even did the inspection. Everything seemed fine. I charged the battery, just in case, checked the voltage on it with different RPMs - it looked good - and went to work. It was yesterday. This morning it doesn't start. The battery's dead. And there's a stain of coolant under the bike (it leaks from that pipe between the cylinders). What a morning!

I called the guy, he's playing fool. I'm pretty sure, the stator's shot. Last summer I replaced two of them in my friends' bikes and and one in my own, and still need to replace it again...

Is it my magnetic field that kills stators or what? What do I do with this new lemon I just got? On one hand the accessories only cost almost what I paid for it, on the other I don't really care about them, I just wanna ride!

Thanks for reading this and for any thought and suggestions you might have.

2/3/11 09:09 am - my donatees

Wikipedia, Disk Inventory X, Hip-Hop Word Count project and some organization that fights for open internet

12/15/10 01:02 am - http://crockford.com/pwl/

Our unique ability to get fat and lazy allowed us to survive during times of extreme hardship. It now works against us in times of sustained prosperity. We weren't made for these times.

10/19/10 07:00 pm - Coke, from wikipedia

In the United States, Stepan Company is the only manufacturing plant authorized by the Federal Government to import and process the coca plant, which it obtains mainly from Peru and, to a lesser extent, Bolivia. Besides producing the coca flavoring agent for Coca-Cola, Stepan Company extracts cocaine from the coca leaves, which it sells to Mallinckrodt, a St. Louis, Missouri pharmaceutical manufacturer that is the only company in the United States licensed to purify cocaine for medicinal use.

10/11/10 04:50 pm

10/4/10 12:28 pm - By Dave Winer on Sunday, October 03, 2010 at 8:17 AM.

"Somehow they have fixated on turning the internet into a game. The hamsters, you and me, are rewarded for jumping through certain hoops. We enjoy playing this game so we buy things to indicate our pleasure. The people who sell the things kick back a few bucks to the folk who made the game."

9/21/10 05:10 pm - red = whites, blue = blacks, orange = hispanic, green = asian

9/7/10 09:06 am

Operation Barbarossa was the largest military operation in human history in both manpower and casualties. Its failure was a turning point in the Third Reich's fortunes. Most important, Operation Barbarossa opened up the Eastern Front, to which more forces were committed than in any other theatre of war in world history. Operation Barbarossa and the areas that fell under it became the site of some of the largest battles, deadliest atrocities, highest casualties, and most horrific conditions for Soviets and Germans alike — all of which influenced the course of both World War II and 20th century history. - Wikipedia

8/31/10 09:33 pm

8/27/10 04:00 pm

8/26/10 05:50 pm - ох, непросто жилось греческим богам

По гомеровскому гимну, Пан считается сыном Гермеса и дочери Дриопа.

По другой версии, сын Гермеса и Орсинои.

По другому сказанию, сын Зевса и Гибрис, научил Аполлона искусству прорицания, или Зевса от Фимбриды, или от Ойнеиды.

По Эпимениду, сын Зевса от Каллисто и близнец Аркада.

Есть версия, что Пан — сын Гермеса и Пенелопы, родившийся в Мантинее в Аркадии.

По Дуриду, сын Пенелопы от всех женихов.

По Евфориону, сын Пенелопы и Аполлона.

По Арефу из Тегеи, сын Эфира от Энои.

По Дидимарху, сын Геи.

По Аполлодору Афинскому, вообще не имел родителей.

Также это эпитет Зевса в орфической теогонии.

8/18/10 03:23 pm

8/10/10 07:58 am

8/9/10 11:24 pm

8/9/10 11:23 pm

8/4/10 02:21 pm - Константинопольская эра

Последним днём по этому летосчислению было 31 декабря 7207 года; по указу Петра I следующий день уже официально считался по новому летосчислению от «рождества Христова» — 1 января 1700 года.

8/2/10 12:04 pm

7/30/10 07:56 am

7/27/10 07:07 pm

7/27/10 06:52 pm

7/23/10 03:10 pm - test

Cosmetic Packaging Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution | Jerhel Plastics, Inc.

7/21/10 02:33 pm - hilarious!

Some SEO Advice For Bill Gates - Search Engine Land

7/6/10 09:19 am - Сбор подписей в защиту Ерофеева и Самодурова

Originally posted by lena_hades at Сбор подписей в защиту Ерофеева и Самодурова


За организацию выставки Запретное искусство, посвященной проблемам цензуры и запрета, экспонаты которой показывались за глухой фальшстеной так, что работы художников можно было рассмотреть лишь в маленькие отверстия, государственный обвинитель требует 3 года колонии…

6/10/10 12:06 pm

iOS 4

5/20/10 10:42 am


5/12/10 12:46 pm - сестринцы :)


5/11/10 07:52 pm

светлая память Лилиенталю

5/9/10 03:25 pm

английский: мэйл сокер плэйер энд фимэйл сокер плэйер
испанский: футболисто и футболиста
русский: футболист и футболистка

5/6/10 12:21 pm - Милиционер Козлов или Я другой такой страны не знаю, где так вольно дышит человек

I've been riding my motorcycle for almost a year, though it was just today when I first got pulled over. On the Flushing Ave right before Manhattan Bridge I passed a car on right. It's prohibited, but it's a common practice in the city for bikes. A police officer signals me to stop (no, they don't use striped sticks here) and I do. He says something like, insurance-license-registration. I'm already in panic. He walks around the bike, I take off my helmet and hand him my insurance card and license. I still ride with my Russian driver license, and my insurance is only good if I'm a resident of New Jersey. But I don't have inspection from NJ, so I tell him I moved from there recently. Turns out my NY inspection has expired last month, and it's not good anyway since I have a NJ license plate. He says, I'm illegal. I say not. He says, I'm getting deeper and deeper. I say ok. He asks what would happened if I was riding like this in Russia. I say he probably doesn't want to know this, but I would most likely have to give some money to a policeman. He laughs and points at his badge - his last name is Kozlow. I wonder if we're going to do it the Russian way. I ask how long has he been in the States, he tells me his grandfather came here from Russia and wishes me a good trip. I'm still trying to defend myself and say something about my plans to go to social security office to get my card to apply for a NY driver license, he says he doesn't care. Just be careful, he says. Thank you officer I will, I say.

4/30/10 10:56 pm - Pocket Dolly

4/24/10 08:59 am - из микса лифы тречок

tan tan lejos de casa
lejos de los recuerdos
tan lejos de esos recuerdos
como si hubiese sido
todo un sueño

очень очень далеко от дома
далеко от воспоминаний
очень далеко от тех воспоминаний
как будто было это
все сном

4/17/10 04:59 pm - на этот раз филип блум

4/16/10 04:59 pm - Сакартвело

так на грузинском звучит название страны, в которой эти самые грузины живут. естественно, в других языках это название звучит по-другому. по-русски, например, Грузия. по-английски - Джордиа. исторически сложилось, что в некоторых языках используют русскую версию. в Японии говорят Грудзиа или что-то типа того, в прибалтийских странах тоже, само собой. так вот, руководство Грузии начало кампанию по искоренению русского варианта. шлют письма разным правительствам с просьбой об изменении исторически сложившихся названий на законодательном уровне. альтернатив не предлагают, вариант один - Джорджия. не свободно конвертируемая валюта, так свободно конвертируемое название.

4/16/10 10:12 am - mail

Dear Ivan,

Over 28,000 doormen, elevator operators, porters and other residential building employees have indicated that they will strike at 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, April 20, 2010, if agreement is not reached on the terms of a new collective bargaining agreement.

4/6/10 09:46 am - Berlin inhabitants. hilarious! we ARE all gonna die.


3/31/10 12:49 pm - tilt-shift

There was a post earlier in this journal about "HDR photography", term that is used wrongly for pictures with compressed tonal ranges. Here's another misnomer - "Tilt-Shift photography", which usually stands for miniature faking either of optical or digital nature. "Sandpit" video is a perfect example of digitally created miniaturesque imagery. To create such impression optically lens is tilted upwards. It doesn't just create shallow DOF, it creates tilted focal plane with shallow DOF on the distant part of it. Downward tilting creates contrary phenomena (it's actually the same but turned upside down) usually used to keep in focus things on some plane beneath the camera - landscapes is the main application for such technique.
Shift or more precisely rise/fall/shift is nowadays considered the way to "correct" perspective, see the designation on Nikon shift-lenses. Yet it might work as a marketing name for it, this is not completely true. Since all kinds of levels are used to construct buildings, they were also used when taking pictures of buildings, of city/town sceneries, of interiors. Shifts and rises and falls were used to correct composition, because when your camera's leveled horizon is right in the middle of frame, which is usually a bad idea. You need either to crop, or rise/fall. Shifts are more peculiar than rise and fall, however they might be used for panoramic pictures.
Here's a funny article on photojojo about camera leveling - http://photojojo.com/store/awesomeness/level-camera-cube/
My purpose was not to entertain nor market anything, but to fix some of this wrong-term-ness clash.
If you're interested in tilts and shifts, start with wikipedia. If you're interested in miniature faking, google "tilt-shift", but keep in mind what it actually means.

3/28/10 11:19 am - у меня 5 племяшей - три братыча и два сестрича

# Племянник (племяш) — мальчик/мужчина по отношению к дяде или тёте = сын брата или сестры, а также сын брата или сестры супруга/супруги

* Братыч (братанич, сыновец) — (устар.) сын брата, племянник по брату.
* Сестрич (сестренич, сестричищ, сестринец) — (устар.) сын сестры, племянник по сестре.

3/26/10 06:01 pm - вот, подумываю о тритменте :)

Medroxyprogesterone acetate antiandrogen treatment of hypersexuality in a pedophiliac sex offender

OA Cordoba and JL Chapel

A hypersexual pedophiliac sex offender was treated with the antiandrogen medroxyprogesterone acetate for 500 days. During the treatment, his testosterone blood levels significantly decreased, nearly to female values. Pituitary gonadotropin and urinary steroid metabolite levels diminished initially. Medroxyprogesterone therapy resulted in decreased libido, few side effects, and no recurrence of sex offenses, but there was no change in the patient's sexual orientation.

3/26/10 04:08 pm - угадай-ка

Видеокамера с большой и современной матрицей. С ней можно использовать практически любой объектив, будь то видео, фото, кино, TV или объектив для камеры видеонаблюдения. Качество картинки и возможности управления параметрами съемки соответствуют профессиональному видео и цифровому кинооборудованию. Выглядит она почему-то как зеркалка и между прочим делает неплохие 12 Мп фотоснимки. Дизайн - не фонтан, да и пластик не самый дорогой, зато стоит всего навсего 650 долларов. Кто первым угадает, тому дам побаловаться при встрече ;)
А сколько для нее аксессуаров в продаже, мама не горюй. Процессор и прошивка пока не идеальны, но на нее уже снимают фильмы, рекламу и телесериалы, так что - то ли еще будет...

3/23/10 09:52 pm - Volodya

From far away I could hear
The unforgettable name of Angola's sons

Volodya, volodya with you
Defending the people of Angola

Volodya, volodya with you
In the hands of the imperialists

Volodya, well-loved son of Angola
He gave his life for a just cause
Volodya is dead, but his name lives on

Bring capitalism down
Bring imperialism down
Bring neo-colonialism down
Ahead socialism!!

The land is our goal, our ultimate victory
The fight goes on

3/21/10 09:02 pm - parts

DRIVER 3 (NO.2) 1 $0.73
BOLT, FLANGE (6X25) 1 $0.74
Subtotal: $43.68
Shipping & Handling: $7.95
Tax: -
Total: $51.63

1 Sku#87723 - HiFloFiltro - Oil Filter $6.99
1 Sku#119052 - Maxima - Fork Oil $8.99
1 Sku#119442 - Repsol Lubricants - 4T Oil $24.50
1 Sku#172628 - Blitz - Flex Funnel $3.75
1 Sku#186952 - Parts Unlimited - Front Fork Seals $9.95
1 Sku#233744 - K&S Technologies - DOT Approved Turn Signal $32.95
Shipping & Handling (UPS Ground) : $0.00
Tax (NY) : $0.00
Total: $87.13

3/11/10 07:52 pm

3/8/10 01:56 pm - любви и счастья!

с праздником, дорогие женщины!

3/8/10 01:43 pm - fff

3/2/10 09:39 pm - nothing's quite as beautiful as music.

второй год мы уже вдали от дома, и что бы мы делали без музыки диджея лифы и сергея зарина, ума не приложу.

3/1/10 04:10 pm - в Москве полночь

У нас подходит к концу первый день этой весны. 27-ая уже у меня.
Многие люди считают, что 1 марта - более удачная точка отсчета нового года. Метафоричность весны и все такое.
Для меня это удобно. Март следует сразу за отходняком после дня рождения. Хороший момент подвести итоги и принять цели и задачи на следующие пять лет, ну или хотя бы до следующей весны.
Тем не менее у меня еще рабочий день не закончился. Допишу позже.

3/1/10 12:35 am - http://www.flickr.com/photos/williambuckley/3751242564/in/set-72157620641886912/

Could be Berlin, or it could be Prague
Could be Moscow, could be New York
Could be Llanelli, and it could be Warrington
Could be Warsaw, and it could be Moose Jaw
Could be Rome
Everybody got somewhere they call home

2/18/10 12:38 pm - возвращаясь к абхазскому конфликту

Помните Кавказскую войну из школьной программы?
Как-то быстро мы забыли, что русские завоевали Кавказ, перебили много местного населения, и еще больше выгнали. Непокорные уходили в Турцию, Сирию, Ливан, другие мусульманские страны.
Война началась еще в XVIII веке и продолжается до сих пор.
Иногда натыкаюсь на статьи о событиях разных лет.
Ужасные вещи творятся, загнанные в угол кавказские народы режут друг друга, абхазы грузин, азербайджанцы армян и т.д. Русские, бывыет, находятся с обеих сторон баррикад, хотя чаще преследуют все ту же старую цель - завоевание, захват, присвоение.
20 лет назад в Абхазии каждый второй был грузином, теперь это "независимое государство".

2/14/10 06:29 pm - fuck you you fucking fuck


2/13/10 01:08 pm - mysql_connect(): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/mysql/mysql.sock'

I had this error trying to run php script which connects to MySQL Server installed on Mac OS 10.5

Steps to solve the problem were the following:
1. If you don't have php.ini file, create one - cd /etc, cp php.ini.default php.ini
2. Open php.ini for editing - sudo vi php.ini (you can use the editor of your choice)
3. Find mysql.default_socket setting, add "= /tmp/mysql.sock"
4. Change permissions to folder containing socket - sudo chmod 775 /tmp

Solution found on http://drupal.org/node/46300
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